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A Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Problem Solution Essay

A problem and solution typically go hand in hand in all areas of life, the key when writing a problem and solution essay is to convince your reader that your solution is the best possible one. Writing this type of work requires that you first clearly spell out all the facets of the problem and then logically present a case for your solution in a clear and definitive manner.

Here are the steps to take to make your solution the best possible and convince whomever reads your work to agree with your solution.

Problem identification

While this may sound like common sense, many writers often forget that unless they clearly spell out the problem at hand, they cannot justify and argue their solution. When you are identifying a problem remember the who, what, where, when, and how that is a mark of good journalism. Tell who the problem impacts, what exactly happens, where the problem occurs, when or the frequency it occurs and how this problem came to be. By answering these five questions you will have an outline for your problem description allowing you to logically argue you solution.

Solution presentation

The next step in developing the problem solution essay is to present your solution. Clearly spell out your solution making sure to address the five questions you addressed in the problem identification portion of your writing. The solution should be logical and well thought out so that you can clearly show how each area will fix the problem you have identified.

Solution justification

After you have presented the problem, now is the time to justify your solution. In your justification you will want to have at least three points, or more, that will tell why your solution is the best possible one for the issue at hand. Having a minimum of at least three points ensures that if one of those points is not solid, that the others will still have merit within your written work.

Developing this type of composition is similar to presenting a case in a court of law where first the charges are presented and then the lawyers fight for their side of the case presenting evidence and justification. Consider each of these points as you present your topic and develop the problem solution within your written work and you will have a successful essay.

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