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How to Boost Your Essay Writing Skills if You've Got Stuck on Your Paper

Admitting you have less than perfect essay writing skills is one thing, but actually being able to improve them may be another story entirely. When you write an essay it is common to get stuck not knowing what to write about. You may have ideas on what to include from your topic, but you may not know how to word it on the paper. The good news is your essay doesn’t have to be doomed as there are various tips you can do to save your paper and boost your skills. Here are a few tips to consider when you want to boost essay writing skills.

  • Find sample essays to read and study. In order to improve your skills you need to understand how to write and your weaknesses. Samples can help you understand how to write and what things to avoid. There are samples online through schools that offer tips and suggestions on how to write your paper.
  • Write essays as practice. Even when you get stuck you can write short pieces just to get creative juices flowing. This can be a good writing exercise in between assignments to keep your skills sharp or to improve problem areas.
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses to know which areas to focus on. Sometimes people may not realize they have strength in writing. It is often easier to note what you are not good in. You may be able to find ways to focus on your weakness while using your strength for leverage.
  • Review information for your topic carefully. Any time you get stuck on your paper you may need to go back to the beginning and recollect your thoughts. Some may call this writer’s block (when you get to a point you can’t writing anymore all of the sudden). You can go back over what you have so far and see if this will help you generate new ideas.
  • Insure you have a good strong thesis. A strong thesis will provide a good foundation for your paper. If your thesis is weak you will have problems writing because it is a claim you may not be able to prove.
  • Work with a professional essay writer or writing service. When all else fails you can get help from your instructor, classmate or professional writer. You can have someone review your work and make suggestions on how to get it done.

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