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Ideas For Writing: How Do I Choose An Opinion Essay Topic?

From the term opinion essay, it is very easy to determine that it is all about sharing and stating your opinion on something. It is a formal piece of writing, aimed to be argumentative in parts. Students in high schools, who have developed a good amount of cognitive and thinking skills, are often being given an assignment to write an opinion related paper on any given topic. The question that dangles then, how should I write a compelling and unique paper on the topic at hand? Let’s see how you will handle an opinion discourse, if you are a high school student.


Let’s see what an opinion essay is or how to write one. It is generally divided into an introductory paragraph, a compact body and a conclusion. Make sure that you include all these parts in an article as it is generally linked to thesis writing. You will need to include points that will prove that you are able to provide your points with ease. It will also ensure that you can effectively handle future research papers in any given area.

How to choose an opinion composition?

  • Choose a topic that is practical and contextual with the modern society. It will then be relatively easy to write as you will be able to get a number of points on the topic.
  • Think how you will introduce the topic. Clearly mention in your introductory part about why you chose this particular topic and what you want your reader to know from your writing.
  • In the body part, start with the general features of the topic under consideration. Pointing out the salient features will give you a good impression, as your reader or examiner will know that you have a good amount idea of what you are writing.
  • Then point out the pros and cons of the topic, so that you will be able to establish what is and is not about the subject.
  • Then in the conclusion, sum up what you wrote about the topic. Never mention a new point in the conclusion.

In order to choose a topic for your composition, you must consult your teacher/professor about what topic will be ideal for the writing. Consult books, search the net, check out the online forums about what are the trending topics and then do your homework before finalizing to work.

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