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Human Factors Of A Mars Mission

The mission to Mars by the humans has been a subject of scientific proposals, science fiction and engineering in the most parts of 20th and 21st century. A lot of proposals have been brought out which entails a plan on how human will land on Mars, the aftermath of landing and settling and the transforming of the planet while the exploration of its moons continues. The human overwhelming desire to explore Mars needs to consider the environments in which there are trying to subject the psychological being. The human factors involved in the mission to Mars should be taken in a broader sense by considering these factors as rooted in the social and behavioural sciences. For any survival by humans in the case of support living and having an enabled working conditions in space or Mars, people must seek a reliable robust and a more user-friendly environment. There should be the need to use life support system that are synergistic that can provide an added advantage on the safety and comfort ability of the human in Mars. Human factor engineers need to come up with the countermeasures on Performance threatening elements of microgravity, distortion of the biological rhythms, insufficient sleep and excessive workloads.

Space architecture

Space architecture is the designing and constructing an enabled environment for humans in the outer space. To come up with such field, it requires the combination of human engineering and the aesthetics together with the basic know-how of the orbital propulsion, mechanics, and the psychology of isolation and confined groups. The survival of humans depends on the integrity and reliability of the spacecraft and the life support systems. The spacecraft and the humans must be aware and able to resist on any structural and mechanical failure. A user-friendly working and living environments that will be able to tolerate human mistakes and limits is required.

Individual performance

As in the case of all other space missions, Mars mission will be described by periods of high demands on the physical and mental performance by humans. Illness, injuries, poor nutrition or hydration and all other human factors will threaten performance anywhere, but performance effect as a result of microgravity only has an effect in space. A lot of effects of microgravity such as space sickness, digestion problems, and frequent urination will need a solution early on the mission. Also, a lot of concerns and time should be considered in the case of other bodily changes that may offer a short-term advantage but have an effect later on.

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