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A Foolproof Formula For Creating A Good Summary Response Essay

A summary response essay first summarizes what you have read and then gives you a chance to provide feedback on what you have read. This can be confusing for some students. However, with the right formula, you can easily create a good summary response essay.

#1: Find the Important Information

The first thing you will need to do is find the essential information for your summary. Begin by writing down or underlining all of the topic sentences. This is where you usually find the meat of your summary, because authors (like other writers) use the topic sentences to get their main point of the paragraph across.

#2: Writing the Summary Portion

Once you have collected the information, begin rewriting the sentences using your own words. Add transitional phrases, move around the words, and change words to avoid plagiarism. Once you have finished, re-read for clarity and to check to make sure that it flows. Additionally, be sure that your summary is an appropriate length. It should not provide too many details, however, it should give your reader an idea of the piece of literature.

#3: Do an Analysis

Even if you do not have to include an analysis in your paper, doing an analysis of the work that you have summarized will help you with the response section of your essay. In the analysis, consider the themes or metaphors that contribute to the story. Then, form your own opinions about what you have analyzed.

#4: Construct Your Response

Once you have analyzed the work that you have read, you will be able to construct your argument about whether or not you agree or disagree with the themes or metaphors that were used. Remember that the response section is for your opinion, so you can either agree or disagree with the author. Remember, however, that you must have support to make your opinion valid.

#5: Write Out Your Response and Support it Clearly

Your response should include both your opinion and any evidence that you have to support it. This can be a combination of your own opinions and facts. However, it is important that you clarify which parts are your opinion and which are your evidence. You can do this by using clear organization.

#6: Re-Read Your Essay for Clarity

Once you have finished, re-read the paper in its entirety for clarity. Make sure that the summary is sort and to the point and that your response/opinion is clearly stated. Finally, be sure that you have included enough evidentiary support to give your opinion credit.

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