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Parental Involvement In Public Schools

The issue of parental involvement in their children’s education is a very volatile issue. It has however been taken for granted by most people. Many people are ignorant of the do not appreciate that parents being involved in their children education could mean better results. The issue of involvement is mostly in less talked about for parents whose children are in public schools. Many times parents have been seen too involved when their children are young. As they grow up, they advance in age; students are left alone to make their own decisions. This is a wrong thing to do. For the parents of children in the private schools, they are concerned with how their children behave and what they do in school. Such level of attention and involvement is not seen in the public schools. This is one of the reasons that contribute to the poor performance that is registered in public schools.

What level of involvement is good?

It is not quite clear up to what level parents should get involved in their children’s education. However, one thing is clear; they have to act to a certain degree or level. Their involvement should not end at paying school fees and providing for the kid. There should be a level that is acceptable and one that will reflect by helping the child improve. Parents should not be inadequately involved, nor should they be excessively concerned. At times, it has been thought that some affluent parents are more involved in their children education than the poor parents are. Whether this is clear, there is only one thing that is true, there lack an elaborate way that dictates how much a parent can get involved in a child’s education. An excellent level of involvement should be encouraged as there are all the benefits that result from being rightfully involved.

The student’s perspective

The other aspect that is always ignored is what the students thinks and feel about parent’s involvement in their education. The nature of the involvement is also necessary. It will not help if a student feels that parents and educators are ganging up on him. This may happen if the parents insist on pushing the child so much to follow rules. Sometimes parents push students to do too many assignments than it is necessary. They also want students to keep strict time schedules than it is reasonable. This may just end up tainting the relationship and affecting the student negatively.

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