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How To Write A Narrative Essay In High School: Simple Recommendations

Either you are trying to convey fear or to describe a beauty Paint a marvelous picture of the surrounding to create an image in the reader’s mind.

  • Personal style
  • Personal kind of essay as if you are sharing your personal experience with somebody. It can be an accident or a death experience, a sweetest memory or an event or situation.

  • Your creativity
  • It gives you a liberty of choosing the topic and adding your creativity. You have to sound natural. Just try to be yourself while writing such kind of paper. Do not add any extra or irrelevant information. Your paper has to be informative but not irrelevant. It is more like writing a short story or an incident that happened in front of you or you were a part of it.

  • Non-fiction
  • It is totally non-fiction kind. You can add drama, spice to describe your feelings, emotions and fears but it should not sound fiction. It is a very interesting kind of essay, because you have no boundaries while composing such a paper.

  • Deciding a plot
  • It is essential to decide a plot before starting your paper. It would help you in staying focused and relevant.

  • Sketching can be helpful
  • Believe it or not, when you arrange the data into a chronological order it becomes easy to craft it.

  • Using your five senses to create a vivid image
  • Try to be very expressive and you should focus on your introduction. You need to give a detailed introduction to engage the reader. If you have grabbed his interest in the first paragraph, then you are really going in a right direction.

  • Stay directed
  • Do not go in unnecessary details. It will lose your reader’s interest.

  • Creating an image
  • Your focus should be your reader. If you have used such kind of friendly, poetic and emotional language, then you have really created a beautiful image in the reader’s mind. Try to involve the writer this much, that he may forget everything from his surroundings and feel himself a part of your story.

  • Do not directly jump to the scene
  • Create a background first. Always start with small paragraphs and then gradually move to the major scene. Avoid jumps.

  • Use narration techniques and first person pronoun
  • For example, last night I had a terrible dream. I jumped out of my bed and screamed so badly that my mother came in to my room.

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