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The Top 10 Weird Essay Topics You Should Write About

Congratulations for completing the easy part of your education - schooling. Now it’s time to handle the difficult task of applying to colleges of your choice. With every application, you are required to submit an essay. While some colleges offer you creative essay prompts, others give you a free rein on the same. For most of us, writing without a theme is easier said than done. That said it was highly significant to select a unique topic that allows you to be the front runner for any college admission process.

To select intriguing and exciting topics you don’t have to wander far, you will find it right under your nose. No kidding! There is one important trick in finding that perfect topic that not only will interest you but will make the College selection committee take notice of you. And that is:

Aiming to write real-life stories: You might consider writing about your best accomplishments or achievements, so will hundred others. Instead, seek to write real-life stories. These stories may have a potential to turn into an interesting essay. The stories do not have to be momentous to be put on paper. Instead, it should be interesting, odd or unforgettable.

For starters, you could write about your interest and hobbies. If you think that isn’t attractive enough then think about your after school activity? Did you find a summer job or an internship or participated in an unusual contest? Then, it’s time to write those experiences. Don’t forget to look for interesting incidents.

If you still haven’t found anything? Instead, look a little closer. Do you have a favorite author? Are you interested in automobiles and computers? Have you received appreciation for decoration skills? If you have a journal, then it’s time to walk down the memory lane.

In spite of everything, if you are still unsuccessful and are staring at a blank page, then we have a list of ten weird essay topics you should write about

  1. What do you think about Wednesday?
  2. What are the things that enrage you?
  3. Should there be sex education in schools?
  4. Have you been unsuccessful in anything? What have you learned from the experience?
  5. What are the movies, poems, novels, or any writings that have influenced your life? And why?
  6. If given a chance, would you live in the past or future?
  7. How has raising a pet taught you life lessons?
  8. Teaching differently able children
  9. How would you explain colors to a blind person
  10. Impact of video games on children or youngster.

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