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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is arguably the best professional boxer who ever lived. Three main characteristics mark this man’s life. The first was his no-fear approach of intimidating his opponents outside the ring. The second was his skill inside the ring and how he won many fights until finally meeting his match. The third, is Muhammad Ali’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease; a condition for which there is still no cure.

Outside the ring: A tactical fighter

Many of Ali’s fights were won on a mental level outside of the ring. Through means of the press, Ali intimidated his opponents relentlessly by always winning the crowd with his magnetic arrogance. This is not to say that Ali was not a good fighter; on the contrary, he was arguably the best there ever was. But his brash attitude struck fear into the minds of those who dared challenge him. When Ali stepped into the ring with an opponent, they were already intimidated by his presence and popularity.

His biggest fight: Ali versus Frazier

Ali fought many opponents, and won most of his fights. His first professional loss was against Joe Frazier who beat him on boxing technicalities. No knockout won this fight, and to this day there is much speculation about who should have won. However, Muhammad Ali had to admit defeat as it had been dealt to him by the judges of the match.

His biggest battle: Parkinson’s disease

But today, Muhammad Ali faces a fight he cannot win. In his later years he developed Parkinson’s disease and has since lost the use of his legs and arms. It seems like such a sad ending to a man’s life; someone who was on such a high at one stage. However, it can’t be said that Ali has not made the best of his current situation. Ali is considered today to be a philanthropist. Much of his wealth has gone towards the study and treatment research of Parkinson’s disease.

Ali is now 73 years old and one of the world's biggest promoters of Parkinson’s disease awareness. Two moments in this man’s life broke his unstoppable character. The first was a physical defeat in the boxing ring where Ali was technically beaten by Joe Frazier. The second was his unfortunate diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. But in the minds of many, he remains the best fighter who ever lived.

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