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Tips And Tricks For Writing An Informative Essay On Drinking And Driving

Drinking and driving is an offensive act and a matter of great concern for many people and their families. It is a problem that needs wide exposure on a social scale. Understanding its gravity it has become an enriching topic for many. Writing an informative piece of essay seems highly strenuous job to many students, however there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to make your job simple, fast and easy.

  1. Understand the reason of your writing: Drinking and driving is a vast subject and hence focus as in what part of the topic you will be covering. Think if you are trying to persuade the audience revealing your opinion or writing a general piece of informative article. Identify the rationale behind your writing and plan your topic well to address it thoroughly.

  2. Sound enthusiastic: This is most important thing that most of the students misses on. The assignment should be inspiring and motivate the reader to go through completely. Write a riveting and an innovative piece after referring various sources.

  3. Prepare an outline: Never miss this crucial step. If you start writing without framing the outline, you will never go in correct direction. Outline keeps your thoughts organized and offers a natural flow to the writing keeping it succinct and clear.

  4. Introduce the topic: Begin the topic understanding its sensibility. You can start by citing facts and figures or by writing quotations.

  5. Body paragraphs: This is crucial and should be supported by proper evidences. There should be at least three body paragraphs.

  6. Conclusion: Introduction and conclusion are greatly linked. They are directly related and are chief most part of any composition. As you introduce the topic while addressing the thesis, you should derive conclusion summarizing your findings and coming to a final verdict.

  7. Stay crisp and concise: Stay to the point. Don’t be under wrong impression that by throwing a lot of pompous and fancy word, you can write a good piece.

  8. Write in separate paragraphs: Write your points separately. Don’t mix up all the points in one paragraph. Target each point separately. Once you have provided evidences of the first point and justified it properly, then only move to the next point. Transitional words are good measures to navigate.

  9. Edit and proofread: Writing is separate from revision. Writing goes with the flow of thoughts and under such cases, many times students miss the words and sometimes commit spelling and grammatical mistakes. Hence it is must to revise the essay for precision.

  10. State strict alcohol rules: The rules should be explicitly mentioned in terms of driving license, breath test and stating its long term consequences.

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