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A Manual For Composing A Brilliant Critical Analysis Essay Introduction

Writing a critical essay can be a real hectic task for students. But gaining all the skills for writing a critical paper will give you an advantage throughout your academic and professional careers. While writing a critical essay one must be sure of all the facts and ideas that he/she is projecting. It enables you to gain critical technical skills for careful reading, technical research, scholar writing etc. Learning all these techniques will enable you to be overpoweringly good in academic skills and empowers you to have a good communication skill.

The mistakes that student often makes is by having a casual approach towards critical writing. The first step of writing a critical paper is to do the research and analysis on the topic that you have selected or have been given. Completing the writing in hurry will not give you the desired outcome. One must keep his mind cool and be sure of his/her projections while developing a critical piece.


  1. One must learn his/her topic immediately to develop ideas on the research work. Without a proper chronological structure on “how-to-do-what” one can never be able to construct a good critical structure.
  2. One must not confine to a single source for his/her research work. They should have a widespread approach for gaining knowledge on the desired topic like journals, articles, columns etc.
  3. Skimming is one of the most important parts to construct an interesting and factual essay. One must go through all the facts and choose the best as their topic.
  4. After writing the initial draft, one should emphasize all the important points of it. Highlighting the points or underlining them will give you added attraction in the eye of a reader. Using different colours to highlight the facts can be an added flavour.
  5. One must note all the important facts that he/she has projected in his/her essay and go through all of them. Reading the relevant material thoroughly and criticising your own works will make your essay much more concise and to the point.
  6. To start off with one may write a rough introduction. After completing the whole essay he/she can edit the introduction later.
  7. Categorise the body of your writing in different sections. Amongst them specific two or three section must be having the most important and noteworthy facts.
  8. Always use notes and factual data to fill in for the body of the writing. Copying some critical details from source can be allowed.

The authors are gifted with powers of impacting the reader’s mind and he/she should use it with much sense of responsibility. One must have quite a good imagination to have a original yet catchy introduction along with a mind blowing conclusion so that it can have a deep impact on the mind of the readers. Go through all the points and you can write a well-defined essay.

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