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A Quick Guide to Choosing Good College-Level Essay Topics

Finding a topic idea for a college essay has its challenges. Many students do not like essay writing but it is an important requirement in college. The key to writing great content is finding topics you know well. At the same time you may not always have the option to choose your topic. In this case you need to consider writing your essay from viewpoints you clearly understand and is willing to provide thorough details to support your theory.

Here are some tips to help you choose good college-level essay topics.

  • Always start with what you know. Many assignments will allow students to choose their topic. This is an advantage that will help you write a good paper. When you are able to select a topic you know you will be more confident and comfortable during the writing process.
  • When you can write a strong thesis you have a good topic idea. A strong, clear and concise thesis is necessary for your paper to come together. A good essay topic has a strong thesis that serves as the main point and overall purpose of the article.
  • Have a few sources lined up for your subject matter that may offer ideas you can use later. Many college-level writing assignments will require good information from reputable sources. It helps to have some sources in line based on the subject matter that may offer some ideas for topics.
  • Know important aspects necessary for a great paper. This will help you understand why topic selection is important. There are basic elements of an essay you need to learn more about including the introduction, body and conclusion. You need to understand what information is expected to appear in these sections and how they work together to produce a good essay on your topic of choice.
  • Try to avoid common topics. Common topics seem easy to choose since they have been written about over and over again. But, you may end up defeating the purpose of the assignment. Common topics may make it difficult to find new information to mention. Some topics have been written over and over and instructors may mention which to avoid. You should also consider avoiding ideas that are considered vulgar, inappropriate or offensive to others. When in doubt about your idea you can present it to your instructor.

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