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Basic Guidelines On How To Write An Essay Describing A Picture

So, you need to write an essay describing a picture. Are you struggling to know how to go about such a thing? Are you feeling like you’re at a loss and don’t know where to turn? Well, don’t worry. Here are the basic guidelines you need to know when you really want to hire someone to do my online class for me:

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Choosing words carefully

Perhaps you think that describing a picture is actually quite a simple process. Well, think again! You should describe the picture in question with so much colorful flair that your reader can’t ignore it. So think wisely about the vocabulary you use. Your choice of words will make all the difference in this type of essay. Think long and hard about which adjectives you use to make the description come to life.

Describe the picture with all five senses in mind

You should describe the chosen picture so that it touches upon all five senses. Describing a picture isn’t just about the visual aspect. If you are, say, describing a picture of a market place, you should describe the sounds, smells and tastes as much as the sights, and make the reader feel as though they could put out their hand and touch the descriptive scene.

Show, don’t tell

‘Show don’t tell’ is an important rule to learn when it comes to describing something. So instead of writing: ‘There were lots of people in the market place buying and selling’, you could instead write: ‘The market was so busy that people were bumping into one another, amongst the vibrant colors and rich smells of the luscious fruit and vegetables.’

The picture in contextual terms

If the picture in question is a work of art, your paper should also describe the picture contextually. You may want to write about the historical time of its creation, what life was like at that time and how the artist conveyed this, how the picture compares to others by the same artist etc. Don’t just think about describing the picture itself – also think about it from a wider point of view.

The form of the essay

Like any other essay, this paper will consist of an introduction, body text and conclusion.

  • The body text (chapters) should include the above information.
  • The introduction should introduce the picture in question. You should also state your aims and objectives for your paper and say what conclusions you hope to arrive at.
  • The conclusion should restate the aims, summarize the main points and conclude in a poignant, professional and punchy manner.

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