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Composing a Short Essay about Bullying: Useful Advice

When you are giving a short essay assignment one of the biggest challenges you may face is constructing a well-research argument in a limited space. When writing on a topic like bullying, for instance, you will need to present a side and provide ample supporting evidence, without getting off track. Here’s some useful advice for accomplishing this:

  1. Create an outline and Draft Thesis Statement
  2. After you have done some background and in-depth research and have gather resources to use in support of your argument, you should create a detailed outline and draft thesis statement. Because your assignment has limitations you should make your outline as detailed and clear as possible. This will help you stay on track as you write your drafts, keeping you from getting off topic at any point.

  3. Get Right to the Point in Your Introduction
  4. Again, you don’t have plenty of space to write too much on what isn’t directly to point in bullying. Your introduction shouldn’t have an extra content that simply doesn’t speak to what you will be presenting in your paper. Start with an opening hook then provide the major issue you will be discussing. End your introduction with a clear and direct thesis statement and get right into composing the first draft.

  5. Make Your Body Paragraphs Efficient and Direct
  6. Your body paragraphs should not include any unnecessary or extraneous material that doesn’t directly support your thesis statement. Each body paragraph should be constructed in this basic way: start with a topic sentence, provide your original idea on that topic, and follow it with an example or supporting evidence. Finish each paragraph with clear transition to the next topic.

  7. Write a Concise Concluding Paragraph
  8. Just like your paragraph you should write a conclusion that gets right to the point. In no more than two or three sentences restate your thesis and major discussion points. Be sure to show the reader how you have proven your point and try ending the assignment with a compelling statement the reader will remember well after finishing your paper.

  9. Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Content
  10. Finally, be sure you spend ample time revising, editing and proofreading your content in three separate actions. This will allow you to find all of the little ways in which you can improve your bullying essay and improve your chances of earning a good grade. You may want to ask someone else to read your paper to get some outside advice.

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