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Where to Look for Free College Essays Online?

College level writing takes a leap that not every high schooler is equipped to make. The subject matter is more complex and the expected level of analysis is so much deeper. As much as you might learn from reading about the ways that your essays should look, you can learn infinitely more by reading actual completed papers. Here are some sources that you can access online:


This may not be everyone’s first choice but forums gather people together around a shared interest. They answer questions for each other and suggest resources to each other. You may have even used a few forums to find out about electronics or fashion, why not check out forums on academic writing too? You may be pleasantly surprised by the level of discourse and the things you can learn as a result of participating. Ask the other participants to direct you to sample essays or share theirs with you.

Social Media

Just as forums are not often associated with education, social media can become an unlikely but useful tool in your writing arsenal. Send the message out that you need to see papers so you can better structure your own. There may be someone who knows someone you know that is willing to help you in your search.

Academic databases

If asking people for help isn’t really your thing, try looking for academic databases. These are repositories of knowledge that are well fact checked and monitored for quality control. You can rest assured that any content you access on such sites is of a high enough standard to be emulated without fear. Be wary of false databases. These are used by academic content mills to draw unsuspecting persons to their pages to gain more traffic and thus earn more advertising revenue.

College resources

Your college most likely has a host of writing resources that you can make use of if you ask the right people. The majority of these will be available online and accessible once you have a valid college ID. This is one of the best sources of good essays because some academic databases charge fees for access beyond a certain word count. The resources your college provides you are generally for free or covered by your tuition fees.

In time your own writing will become more refined and you won’t need to rely on samples to guide you.

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