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Expository Essay Writing Tips: How To Compose The Concluding Paragraph

Your conclusion is an important component to your writing and yet it is one which many students struggle to thoroughly comprehend. The conclusion, much like your introduction serves a specific purpose. It serves to frame your argument. It should bridge all of your ideas together for your reader. Much like the introduction serves as a bridge to bring your readers from wherever they are into your analysis, the conclusion gives in the bridge from your analysis back to their daily lives. Your conclusion should show the reader why your information and urinalyses should matter even after they have stopped reading.

The conclusion is your final opportunity to present information on your subject. This does not mean new information that was not otherwise covered within the body of your paper. It simply means your last chance to remind them of what information you covered in your paper. The conclusion is where you can have the final say on whatever issues were raised in the subject of your paper. It is the final chance you to demonstrate why your ideas are important. You want to leave your readers on a positive note with a good lasting impression. The conclusion is able to go far beyond the confines of your regular assignment. It can allow you to make a connection between your assignment in the bigger picture and elaborate on why your findings were significant.

  • Your conclusion should leave the readers happy that they read your essay such that they feel they took something positive away from reading it.
  • Your conclusion needs to answer the question so what. Many readers want to know why your topic matters and you have to use the conclusion to show them. You can return to the main theme that you introduced at the start of your essay to bring your readers full-circle.
  • You should synthesize the information and not just summarize it.
  • You should include some proactive insight from your research or something from your paper.
  • You should offer a course of action, or a solution, or even where other researchers can study further.
  • You also want to point toward broader implications of your findings.
  • You should avoid just stating your thesis for the first time, introducing any new ideas, ending with a rephrased thesis statement, making something sentimental out of character, including new evidence, or including unnecessary phrases.

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