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How To Do My Essay In Time: Academic Writing Secrets

Academic assignments are critical because of the minor details that need attention. Students need to start on time and finish before time because when you are in a rush, you do not care for the important details about the paper and may even skip proofreading or editing

Read the tips below to complete your papers on time

  1. Never delay your assignment if you want to complete your paper on time. The worst approach to writing any academic paper is to delay it until the last moment. This will always create troubles for you because you cannot concentrate and write well at the last moment. Look through some free essay examples to get ideas for your paper and start writing as soon as possible
  2. Divide your task into long and short-term goals to help you stay on track. Short-term milestones act as a motivational factor because once you achieve a milestone you feel motivated to write more. Long term milestones define your time management and overall scope of the work and help you stay on the right track
  3. Plan your paper and set an hourly word count. This helps you complete your paper before the deadline and allow some time for revision and proofreading. When you plan your paper, you need to decide the best productive part of the day, the amount of words you can write in a minute or an hour, the estimated word count you need to complete in every hour or less, and the total time required to complete the assignment. This way you can measure your performance and compare it with the plan
  4. Write first, edit later. This helps you save time and finish early. If you keep looking for grammatical errors in your paper then you will spend a lot of time in rephrasing different sentences and finding the right words to replace. You may also spend time if you keep on going back and forth with the spellings and typos. First, you should complete a rough draft of the entire essay to get an idea for the overall direction. Keep the last fifteen or twenty minutes to edit and revise your paper
  5. Work in small intervals to help you stay productive and fresh. When you sit for long hours doing the same paper, then you are distracted after a while and your productivity decreases. In order to stay fresh and efficient, you should take a break after every hour or 30 minutes and start with a fresh mind
  6. Reward yourself whenever you achieve a certain milestone. Treat yourself with a cup cake, coffee, a nice walk, visit a friend or a family meal
  7. Use a stopwatch to measure your wpm speed

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