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Where To Find Top-Quality Persuasive Essay Examples For 8th Grade

There is a lot expected of 8th grade students on their persuasive essays. Their teachers are preparing them for writing more advanced papers throughout the rest of their academic careers. In order to find top-quality examples to use as models, you must search online. These papers examples, or some may refer to them as samples), are usually but not always available at no charge.

In order to find them, browse through the many writing agencies. This is your most likely source for good quality example papers. It’s very beneficial to find papers in relatively the same field of studies. For example, a compare and contrast paper in science isn’t beneficial for a student writing a persuasive paper on a psychology topic.

Characteristics of a good persuasive essay example:

  • Thorough research has been conducted and documented
  • Convinces the readers to agree with the judgement of the writer
  • Paragraphs transition smoothly from one to the next
  • Paper is convincing and communicated in a clear and concise fashion
  • It is neither too long nor too short. Comprehensive piece of work
  • Written from the perspective of the reader rather than the writer so as not to be overly strong or intimidating
  • Supported with quotes and facts. News headlines, medical reports, public surveys etc. can be included
  • The conclusion should be stated clearly and distinctly

Using the example:

  • Model your own paper after it, being sure not to copy any part of it
  • Think of it as a model or template. See how it’s organized and formatted
  • Look for the weaknesses and strengths and then use them to make your own argument and paper even better

Writing tips and tricks:

  • Keep track of your references as you go along. For 8th grade students, a lengthy reference list is usually not required
  • Be sure to use all formatting and structural guidelines and requirements. There are often marks for each aspect of the paper; not just the words alone. For example, you wouldn’t want to lose marks because your margins are a little off or because you used the wrong font. Pay close attention to all assignment requirements; they are easy marks.
  • Create an outline and use it to guide your writing. The outline can be formed as you are still in the research phase. The sources you find may help to decide the direction your outline takes. Use the outline to streamline the writing process.

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