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High Fidelity - The Book

A British comedy-romance novel that promises to entertain is High Fidelity. The writer has a clever way of putting through his own taste for music thorough the dialogues and arguments of the characters in the book. The romantic aspect of the story includes two characters, Rob and Laura, who are struggling to keep their relationship intact. The music industry of the mid nineties is well-portrayed throughout the book and includes many references to lose living and damaged individuals.

Fear of commitment: Rob and Laura

Rob is the main character of the novel and he is a sad character to say the least. He lacks confidence and is grossly insecure about his relationship with Laura. While Laura does love him, he is constantly afraid that she will leave him for someone else. Ironically, this insecurity is what ends up separating them—an event which sets off a series of other events which make up the book.

Arguments about music

Cultural opinions of the writer come through in the main character’s own opinions about music. He argues with customers who come into his shop; often condemning their taste of music and their opinions about artists and bands. It is clear that Rob loves music a lot more than money—another contributor to his messed up life and broken relationships. However, these arguments are what make the book so enjoyable, as most have a lot of opinionated comedy attached.

The journey back to Laura

Throughout the book, Rob gets back in touch with six of his ex girlfriends. He learns a lot about himself and why they broke up with him. It does not take long for Rob to realize what a self-centred, insecure little boy he really is on the inside. At some point in the story, Laura’s father dies and she is driven back to Rob for emotional support. The two end up back together, but all is not immediately well.

It is implied that if any change does take place in people, it is not immediate. While Rob has learnt a lot about himself, he still has a lot to work on. Towards the end of the book, Rob and Laura are back together, but there are still lots of issues they need to iron out. In short, the book depicts some interesting angles of the music industry as well as the complexity of the people who form a part of it.

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