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Extending The Human Lifespan

A lot has been invested in then research and study of the mechanisms of aging. The outcome is that there is a great possibility to increase the life span of human beings. The span can be increased by use of both the natural methods or by interference with the aging mechanisms by the means of genetic manipulation. However, this breakthrough still got some limits and more research is being carried out. Apart from the aging mechanism, there are other aspects that contribute to the short life span. Poverty and lack of proper heath care are the major factors. Most poor countries have a living span of even below forty years. This is because the citizens have very poor living standards are exposed to diseases more that in the developed countries.

Ways of extending the lifespan

Biological ways that will stop the aging process have not yet been verified. Besides, the aging process is connected to the cell cycle. Cells cannot function properly past a certain age. Some cells in the brain die entirely due to old age. This limits the efforts to find a way to extend the human lifespan via the use of drugs. However, it is possible to extend the human lifespan via natural means. The extension is not with a large margin but if affected it would see the lifespan in the poor countries rise to up to sixty years or more. The natural means include ensuring healthy living and feeding habits. Eating health enhances the mental function ability and reduces the risks of catching diseases. This is a sure way of improving the lifespan. Poor eating habits stress the digestive process. It is wise to make correct choices of our diets to avoid giving our body organs demanding work. A healthy good balanced diet will keep you from diseases and thus your body will be strong.

Morals Against Extending The Human Lifespan

Aging comes with many challenges. During old age, many body organs may fail to function properly because cell cycle process. This may lead to complicated health issues. Although it is not right to take away life, it is not right to give people a hard time of taking care of you in the old age because you genetic manipulations that extends your lifespan. Old age messes with the normal functioning of the body and leads to affected relationships with people. Some religious notations too do not hint at that prolonged life. Eternal life, for example, is only for life after death.

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