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Composing A Good Thesis Statement For A Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and a contrast essay always brings a smile on the face of students, who dread informative, expository and exploratory essays for exams. However, even the compare and contrast essays have distinct rules and regulations, without which the written work would not be of much value.

An impartial comparison

Here, you compare and contrast two ideologies, objects, systems or entities. Therefore, you cannot take favor of any one side. You need to be fair to both sides and offer impartial synopsis of the subject. In order to make the readers curious, you also have to be attentive towards the introductory paragraph of the essay.

What lends credence to your introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is clear and yet it leaves scope for debate. Here are examples of thesis statements for compare/contrast essays –

  1. Compare and contrast men and women – While men tend to take a holistic view of the problems ahead; women tackle one problem at a time and often get puzzled by a series of problems.
  2. Compare and contrast Shakespeare and Dickens’ writing style – While Shakespeare created massive platforms out of superficial storylines; Dickens moved slowly through intrinsic stories.
  3. Compare and contrast dogs and cats as pets – While dogs require more attention and foster deep relationship with their owner, cats are characteristically lonely and are rather insensitive at times.
  4. Compare and contrast Socialism and Marxism – While Socialism states that everything belongs to the Government who in turn looks after the citizen’s welfare; Marxism rests the case for the wealth to be equally distributed among one and all.
  5. Compare Hercule Poirot’s books with Sherlock Holmes’s books – While in Sherlock Holmes’s books, detective work is placed layer-by-layer, Hercule Poirot’s books often essayed the entire situation to the reader before the denouement.
  6. Compare and contrast Chess and Billiards – While Chess elicits reading potential chances of the player till very far; Billiards is all about taking hits with the immediately successive position in mind.
  7. Compare and contrast strength training and aerobics – While aerobics conditions and tones the entire body naturally, strength training expresses attention on certain parts of the body in a mechanical way.
  8. Compare and contrast a scientist and a writer – While a scientist has to keep analyzing and strengthening his belief in his findings; a writer has to keep inventing new ideas and perspectives.
  9. Compare and contrast horse-racing and casino as gambling options – While Casino necessitates scientific study of the patterns of how the ball rolls, Horse racing is about reading the capabilities of the horse in conjunction with the rider.
  10. Compare and contrast tea and coffee – While tea leaves the best impression when taken in the morning and late afternoon; coffee tends to bring more freshness during office work.

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