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A List Of Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics On Money Can Buy Happiness

The idea that money can buy happiness runs against the grain of a lot of moral lessons we’ve been taught. It suggests a certain degree of self-centered behavior and indifference to the poor. The current attitude is something that has been reinforced by numerous sermons and observations from social commentators. Yet, the average person who spends money doesn’t look to be too miserable. You can make some arguments that money does buy happiness. Although the purchases may be a little bit different than what some people expect.

  1. Money Buys Warm Clothing. Anyone who has had to endure cold winter knows that chilling weather can make a person feel miserable. Money buys the clothing that keeps a person warm and comfortable on the coldest days.
  2. Money Buys Food and Pays for Shelter. It is not always something off the menu of a five-star restaurant or living in a mansion in the Caribbean. The average person wants to be able to eat an adequate amount of food and also be in a reasonably comfortable house. It is a lot easier to pay for them than try to barter.
  3. Money can relieve the pains of poverty. Andrew Carnegie said that a man who dies rich dies poor, but Carnegie didn’t live like a pauper up to the day he died. Money spent the right way can bring a great deal of happiness to a family that is impoverished. Generosity of the rich has been able to relieve the misery of many poor people, allowing them to be happy when once they were sad.
  4. Money Can Be Seen As a Reward. Hard work and long hours has to count for something. The money received for doing a good job is reward that lets you know that your efforts matter. Being made to feel valuable is certainly a means of being happy.
  5. Money Allows You to Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends. You can always stay around the house with people, but being able to go out to a restaurant or an entertainment venue allows for a lot of fun. It provides an opportunity to socialize with those who are important to you in places that are intended to be enjoyable.

Any of these are essay topics you can use to justify money by happiness. The important thing is how you decide to spend it. Granted, if you are buying stuff that can injures your health or just adds to the clutter it will not to be a happy experience. However if you are spending money to help other people or taking care of necessities, you can find quickly that money does uplift a person’s spirits.

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