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10 Interesting Reflective Essay Topics For University Students

Reflective essay writing takes events and things that happened in the past and puts them into a unique perspective. You can choose something close and dear to you or something challenging in nature that presents a level of significance to you. The idea is to choose something to write about that you are personally reflecting on. You are sharing memories of what happened and anything you learned or took from the experience. Here are 10 ideas to help you develop your own concept for a reflective essay topic.

  1. A walk in the park. A reflective essay can discuss a time you had a pleasant walk in the park. Maybe you found something valuable one day while being outside.
  2. Bike riding on a summer day. Write about when you enjoyed bike riding when you were a child. You can talk about the first time you got hurt or when you road your bike for a really long distance.
  3. Experiencing a natural disaster. A reflective essay can detail a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado you survived. You can talk about possessions you lost and how it has helped you be thankful for what you do have.
  4. Attending church as a child. What was a memory you had that was positive while attending a church service?
  5. Getting your driver’s license. How did you feel when you found out you passed the test? How many times did you have to take it before you passed?
  6. Loss of a loved one. A reflective essay can describe emotions and feelings you experienced when you lost someone that was close to you.
  7. Your favorite place to shop. A reflective essay can explore your shopping experience at your favorite store. Why is the store your favorite place? You could also consider a not so positive shopping experience at a store you vowed not to shop at ever again.
  8. When you had to apologize for something you did. A reflective essay can highlight a moment you had to say you were sorry for something you didn’t mean to occur.
  9. Recalling a time you were embarrassed. Many people experience an embarrassing moment they never forget. What was yours?
  10. The best birthday you ever had. What was the best birthday memory you had? Was it a gift you received or a place you spent your special day celebrating?

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