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How To Get Proofread Personal Essay Examples For High School

It can be hard to know how to write particular essays and to know exactly what your teachers are looking for in your writing. For this reason, it is often advisable to read examples of other peoples’ work before you start your own in order to feel more confident in your writing, arguments and general layout. For that reason, below is an easy and accessible explanation of how to get a properly proofread example of a personal essay for high school.

Start on a search engine

Select your search engine; any will do!

Make sure to use good search terms

If you are not specific enough in your search terms, you will get millions of completely unrelated results. If you are too strict in your search terms, you won’t get any results - or, at least, very few! Remember to include in your search terms:

  1. What subject you are writing on.
  2. The word ‘proofread’ to make sure that they are not going to be full of silly mistakes and typos!
  3. ‘Free’ - this isn’t necessary at first, but if you keep coming across sites that ask you to pay, it’s not a bad one to add in.
  4. What level you are writing at, i.e. what year you are in.

Once you have created the search with these search terms in mind, it’s time to pick the right links!

Look for reviews and free examples

If at any point on any site you are asked to provide a credit or debit card number, the service will not be free. If you get too many of these sorts of results, remember to add the keyword ‘free’ onto your search.

Additionally, reviews can be a useful way of determining whether the site is useful and legitimate, and also how to navigate it successfully and easily.

Go to forums and ask the internet!

Other students have been in your position! There are plenty of forums out there full of other pupils who have written similar essays and have had similar problems. They often will have old examples that have been checked professionally by their teachers and/or other external sources. If you ask the right people on the right forums, there may be lots of people who are in a position to offer you help and send you their old essay examples. These are then also guaranteed to be personal!

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