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Help Me Pick An Impressive Essay Topic For High School

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks students receive during their academic careers. They need to come up with great ideas to create a winning essay. All essays usually follow the same format as they start with an introduction where the writer presents his topic to the readers, followed by body of the paper. The body of your paper has one paragraph for each of your major arguments. Each paragraph needs to be unique in content and ideas. Finally, you need to conclude your paper in the conclusion of your paper.

Choosing a topic can be a challenging task because this needs to be unique, interactive, interesting, and according to your subject. When you choose a topic, it must match with your essay type. If for example, you are to write an argumentative paper, then a general fact based statement will not be a good topic. You need to choose a topic that will allow argument and that your readers can agree or disagree to.

Topic selection can be a lengthy process. Once you have a valid topic to match your subject and requirements the rest of the task is comparatively easier. You have a direction, idea, and only need to collect relevant data and compose a paper in your own style and words. Let us understand this process by dividing it into smaller and simpler milestones

  • Choose a subject area

  • Brainstorm for fresh ideas

  • Develop your major arguments
  • Based on these topics try to develop at least three major arguments for the body of your essay

  • Collect relevant data
  • Find relevant data to suit your major arguments. You need to find evidence based on logics, facts, stats, and concrete examples. If you want to create a strong paper, you must have valid and recent data to support your stance

  • Eliminate ideas you do not need
  • This will help you save time and reduce your efforts. You need to delete irrelevant, invalid, repetitive, or old style topics. If you did not find enough data to support your stance you should then let this topic go

  • Choose a final topic
  • The last step is to choose the final topic carefully. You need to evaluate your decision by making a careful choice and looking at all your options. Edit and rephrase your topic to make it catchier and precise

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