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Emily Dickinson And Her Poems

Emily Dickinson was renounced American poet of her time and daughter to a renounced lawyer Edward Dickinson on 10th December in the city of Amherst. Some of Emily’s academic papers portray a young and dedicated young lady in studies especially in sciences. Emily spent the better part of her life in the city where she attended her college education. She at some point dedicated her life to church servise and attended a female seminary that was located in South Hadley before returning to her home. Being an elliptic writer, her writing was one of a kind as it incorporated elliptical language that represented what was not yet expressed. She perceived poetry as a two dimension figure.

The late 1890s after her death was a successful year for her works as she sold most her works. During this period, the lovers of her poems exceeded just her family members

Overview of Emily Dickinson and her poems

Most of Emily Dickinson works were influenced by the few people that she met as she grew up. Her father, a dedicated lawyer, was one of the most influence people in her poetry works and her role model. In the college, she developed her Christianity values in great contradiction to her loved subjects; sciences. From these Christianity values, she derived the motive to write most of her poems.

Her connection to her successful family with strong community ties made her live a mostly reclusive and introverted life. During her youth, most of the friendships were carried out by correspondence. Although Emily Dickinson wrote almost more than eighteen hundred poems in her lifetime less than a dozen were published. Most of the poems that were published during her lifetime saw significant alteration to meet convection poetry rules as she wrote them in a disorderly and unconventional manner. Most of her poems were unique at the time she wrote them, and they never followed any conventional poetry rules. The poems used short sentences, no titles and the central themes in the poems were immorality and death. The poems were addressed in the form of letters to her friends and friends.

The death of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson died in Amherst in 1886. She died from a prolonged illness that rendered her in bed for approximately more than three months. Astonishingly, her family only learnt about her hand sewn books with her poems only after her death. They contained nearly one thousand and eight hundred poems. The first volume of her works was published by Todd Higginson and Though Mabel Loomis and later edited by Thomas h. Johnson.

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