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7 Points To Discuss In An Essay About Your Family

Your essay about your family can be a very personal one. There are many things that need to be discussed when you are talking about your family. Here are 7 points to discuss in an essay about your family:

  1. Where you are in your family, for example, your family dynamics? Are you the oldest or the youngest? How does that effect what happens in your family. Are you the middle child? All of this has some effect on your life and try to explain how.
  2. Great traditions that everyone loves – Everyone has favorite traditions that everyone loves in every family. It may be going out and cutting down the Christmas tree, or it may be the Easter Bunny. It could be a yearly vacation or something like that. Explain what your traditions are that makes your family who they are.
  3. What types of chores are expected to be a part of the family? Depending on the age of each sibling, there are many chores that need to be completed. How does your family get all of the chores done and who decides how they get done?
  4. How does your family deal with conflict? – This is one of the hardest things to talk about. How does your family deal when there are problems with each other. Communication is important and needs to be kept current and up to date. If the lines of communication are kept open, then many things can be worked out.
  5. What does your family do as a family? – Figure out what type of activities families do as families. These will be things that people will remember forever.
  6. How do we deal with our extended family? – Are you lucky enough to have extended family to learn from and be around? Take advantage of their wisdom.
  7. How does the family schedule everyone’s activities? - Communication again is a main problem that must be dealt with on a daily basis and should be constantly evolving so that everyone can feel a part of the family.

There are a lot of dynamics that go on during a family that changes from day to day and then they change as children grow as well. Throughout all of these family dynamics, things always change and because of this there has to be constant communication so that everyone can stay current on what is going on.

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