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List of Great Persuasive Essay Topics for Junior High School Students

Junior high school students should have fun while studying or they might become resentful and dislike the process of education in general. Written assignments are your best chance to really enjoy yourself in school, so choose the topics carefully. When you need to create a persuasive essay without any specific prompts, you can write about anything you really like.

However, do not forget that every academic paper must be educational in some way. You need to introduce some new ideas or original arguments in order to really make an impression on both teachers and peers. Here are some suggestions of interesting persuasive essay topics for junior high students:

  1. Attending state colleges should be free for in-state residents.
  2. When you develop your arguments on this topic, be sure to consider the financial part of the issue and calculate how this will affect the state’s economy as a whole.

  3. A year of community service should be mandatory for all American citizens.
  4. How will this affect using community service as a form of punishment for minor offenses?

  5. Taking at least one foreign language course should be mandatory for all students.
  6. How will this help people in life? Does forcing children to study a subject interfere with their personal freedom?

  7. Students shouldn’t wear uniforms.
  8. Explain how uniforms affect personality development. Use some historic examples to prove your point.

  9. Students should be allowed to use their smartphones in class.
  10. Why is it necessary? Will this make children even more dependent on the gadgets? How can teachers make sure that their students actually use the devices for work and not to slack off during class?

  11. Schools should be prohibited to sell candy and sugary drinks.
  12. Explain the negative health effects and importance of healthy eating. Offer a program that will educate children about the aforementioned issues.

  13. Gym grades shouldn’t affect the grade point average.
  14. Provide some statistical facts to prove that this is extremely unfair towards children who don’t lead active lifestyles. Do some calculations on real life examples to prove your point.

  15. School textbooks should be replaced with e-books.
  16. How will children from low-income families afford this? What kind of effect this will have on the printing industry as a whole? How will this help children study?

  17. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to have a driver’s license.
  18. How will this help to solve the problem of illegal immigration? Will this reduce the number of traffic accidents or have the opposite effect?

  19. Parent’s shouldn’t pay children for good grades.
  20. Explain how this affects the child’s personality development and moral values.

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