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The Complete Guide to Writing Successful College Essays

If you are in college and you are struggling to write a successful college essay, then look no further. You can write great college essays when you use the tips and tricks listed below:

  • Whatever the essay type might be, it is important that you plan ahead. Set up a schedule and make sure that you give yourself enough time to get things done. For example, if your college essay is just five pages, you should set aside at least one week. If your essay is 10-20 pages, you should set aside about one month. Make sure you know how much time you will need and mark that in your calendar.
  • Take copious notes. When you take notes, be meticulous about it. Write down each quote or fact on an index card. Make sure that you note the bibliographic information on the index card too. This is important for the success of your paper later. It will also make it exceedingly easier for you to get the reference page done when you have finished with your essay. Try and categorize your note cards based on the main sections and the supporting evidence. By keeping your note cards organized you will be better suited to making sure you can physically play around with the order of your information and present the best argument.
  • Do not get too attached to all of your quotes. Remember that you may stumble upon a great many dozen which are well suited for the paper, but when it comes down to writing, your paper should be no more than ten percent quotes and some of your quotes may need to go.
  • After you finish your rough draft you want to give yourself at least one day away from the paper entirely before you return to it. You want to make sure that you have some time to avoid thinking about the essay and to let your brain recharge. This will enable you to return to the paper with a fresh perspective and that will help to catch small errors otherwise missed.
  • When you are reviewing your information double and triple check the citations and the references in accordance with the style and format required of you. Make sure too that you use a current version of the format guidelines and not an out dated one. This will save your grade.

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