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Practical Advice On How To Write A Video Response Essay

Have you ever watched a documentary and though about sharing your opinion regarding the information that was presented? If the answer is yes, now you will have the chance to do this. A video response essay is very easy because you have to make almost no research to write it. You just have to be honest and write what you believe regarding a certain thing. If you don’t know how to do this, check out this practical advice:

  • Watch the video carefully. For this assignment you are required to watch a certain video and build a response essay starting from it. No matter if your professor told you what to watch or you choose one of your favorite documentaries, you will have to watch it for at least three or four times before you can build a good text about it. Pay attention to details, something that you wouldn’t notice usually.
  • Write down what you think while watching. As you know, the first impression is very often the strongest one. However, you can forget what you thought if you do not write down your ideas while watching the video. Keep a piece of paper next to you and try to write small comments regarding each scene or character. Your notes will come in handy when you will finally start writing the composition.
  • Develop a thesis. As any other composition, this one also needs to have a purpose. Depending on your opinion you can prove that this video is good, bad, that it does not reflect the reality and so on. Make sure that you write the thesis at the beginning of the text so the readers will know what you are trying to prove in the next few pages. Look closer to this site to know how to make your thesis.
  • Develop the body of the composition and use references to prove your point. In this part you have to say what do you think about the video and why. Also, if you make a statement (the movie is racist) you will have to support it with evidence because your own opinion will not be enough.
  • Write a short conclusion. You don’t have to bother to write too much; one short paragraph will be enough. You will just have to decide if you reached your goal.

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