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Helpful Tips On Where To Look For MLA Format Essay Examples

Formatting a paper can sometimes be harder than writing it in the first place! If you find that most of the points on your papers get taken off because you didn’t adhere to MLA guidelines, you might want to see a sample essay that can show you what you’re doing wrong and help you avoid the same mistakes next time. But where can you find an example paper that will be properly formatted? Here are three great places to start:

  • Your teacher. Believe it or not, your teacher or professor won’t get mad at you if you ask to look at a sample MLA format essay. In fact, he or she may actually be pleased, since it means you’re invested in your education and want to do well! Some teachers keep old essays from years past as samples, and will be happy to let you read one so you can get an idea of what is expected from you.
  • Your library. If you don’t want to ask your teacher, ask your librarian. Libraries are full of MLA formatting resources, from books that are all about MLA to books that describe multiple different types of citations. You can also search the online database for essays that will meet your needs in the particular class, and you can trust that any essay you get from a library will be up to MLA standards.
  • A college website. Whether you’re in college or high school, there are tons of resources available on college websites that will help you get acquainted with MLA format. Look for websites that end in “.edu” when searching for essay examples; this means that the website is run by a college or university. A college or university generally has higher standards than a “.com” website, which could be run by anyone from anywhere in the world! Most of the information you can get on a “.com” website will also be available on a “.edu” website, but the “.edu” website is going to be far more helpful. Of course, if you plan on using the example for its research or quotes, you may find that you are more likely to get called out for taking a shortcut than someone who uses an example from an unknown, hard-to-find website. In that case, simply make sure to double-check that the example essay you choose fits the same guidelines available on a “.edu” website!

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