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Creating An Interesting Expository Essay On Obesity

Obesity is a wide topic with so much to write about. Consequently, there are many sources of information, and you should take advantage of that. Below is a guideline to use when writing an expository essay on obesity.

How to write an essay on obesity

  • Carry out extensive research on obesity. There are so many sources of information you can gather knowledge from, both modern and traditional. Find out everything about obesity. Study what causes it, its effect on human health and how one can prevent it. Look for facts and statistical figures concerning obesity.
  • Choose an appealing topic that will encourage the reader to proceed to the rest of your writing. Make your title as captivating as possible and remember that its main purpose is to grab the attention of the reader.
  • Begin your paper by writing an inviting introduction. Clearly explain obesity in general language that can be understood by anyone. You can give a brief history of obesity. State what you are hoping to achieve by the end of the article.
  • Proceed to the main body of the article. Here, use the information gathered from your research. State the causes of obesity. Clearly explain why people fall victim to obesity. Proceed to stating the adverse effects. The consequences may be further broken down into long term and short term. Carefully alarm your readers of the severe impacts caused by being obese. Next, explain precisely how one can avoid obesity.
  • Make this segment as enlightening as possible. Your choice of words and presentation should give your reader full insight on obesity and even somehow manage to convince them to take the necessary steps to avoid obesity. In your closing statement, take a stand and state it. You can use a fact or quote to conclude all that is in your article. Remember to state one or two major measures your reader should always take.
  • Proofread your work and correct any grammatical errors. If necessary, state your references in a systematic method. When hand-writing, it is highly advised you first make a rough draft before proceeding to the final copy to avoid avoidable mistakes.

Make your article as original as possible. Try to think independently while creating your work. This is an informative piece of writing and aim at doing just that informing people.

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