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Shooting Stars

They are also referred to as falling stars. First it is good to understand that what is called meteorites as the shooting star has nothing to do with a star. Falling star is the steam of light that is visible and it shows the path that is followed by falling meteorites entering the earth atmosphere. When the meteorites enter the earth’s atmosphere they are referred to as the meteors. The parts of the burning meteors that survive the burning are pulled to the earth surface by gravity. The parts that drop to the ground are rocks that are very hard and are referred to as meteorites. Meteorites are associated with different times of the year and during this time they are very common. During these periods, they are so many in the sky and mostly they are named after the stars constellation in the sky which they are believed to have originated from. The time of the year when they are so many in the sky is referred to as meteor showers season.

Shooting Stars Tattoos

Shooting Stars have been associated with good luck. Many lovers during the meteor shower will go outside at night just to watch at the falling stars. It is believed that if you make a wishing when there is a falling star, then your wish will be granted. Today many people are inking themselves with tattoos of the falling stars. This is because these tattoos just like the falling stars are associated with success. It is a belief that has led to great increase of the tattoos related to the shooting stars. This has been greatly experienced in ladies who are the most believers of this theory. Other than the shooting stars being associated with luck, they are beautiful. The ladies are known for their desire for beautiful things and will thus jump into shooting stars tattoos any time they want tattoos to be inked on them as they are beautiful than any other tattoos.

Are Shooting Stars Tattoos Painful?

Shooting Stars have complex design. They are complex to draw and require a lot of inking than any other types of tattoos. They also have many designs and often many people find it hard to decide on the Shooting Stars tattoo that they want inked on them. Owing to their complex designs, shooting star tattoos are painful. The degree of pain will also depend on the part of the body that you want to ink your tattoo. Tattoos are more painful on parts of the body that have less fat like the feet. Unfortunately most of these tattoos look good on the feet than other parts of the body.

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