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Drug Use In Sports

What is drug use? It can be said that it is the act of consuming a substance that alters normal physical parameters or states of mind of an individual. These include narcotics, steroids, alcohol, and even some types of food. Different sporting events may have different specifications but generally the banned substances tend to be consistent across events. I, however, do not draw the line at the conventional definition of drugs, I consider drug use to be more widely prevalent in society than is stated by normal rules and regulations.


Performance enhancers have been and continue to be used by athletes and can take various forms. They include stimulants, steroids, relaxers and even natural substances like marijuana. The desired benefits may can vary depending on the sporting activity but the results are usually the same, improved performance. Anti doping agencies have varying definitions on which drugs are to be banned as performance enhancers and many drugs that do improve performance are not considered as such by some.


As an athlete, your attention to nutrition may be extreme and rightly so. What you eat can strongly influence what your body is capable of and intense research has gone into finding the best dietary plans for athletes. These plans often include a highly vegetarian diet with a strong focus on proteins and vitamins. Though, often not considered ban worthy by anti-doping agencies, these substances and the availability of these substances can greatly affect the performance of athletes. Perhaps it would help if for a given period of time before an event, the dietary intake of athletes should be regulated to ensure a more level playing field.

Accepted chemicals

Anti-doping agencies do not ban all chemicals that can be considered a performance enhancer, for example, caffeine and over the counter painkillers. It is quite likely that many athletes use these chemicals to enhance their performances while some do not. I think this can have a drastic effect on the outcome of a sporting event and closer attention should be paid to these practices. These chemicals can even be modified to give a higher effect while still remaining detectable as a legal substance by anti doping agencies which means the benefits of these legal chemicals can greatly favor wealthier participants.

As biological organisms, just about everything we consume can be considered a drug since it does effect our functions in some way. It is unlikely that substance use in sports can be eradicated since the very definition of this is flawed.

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