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A Strong Comparative Essay Example: How To Find The Best One For Free?

It’s more likely that you will encounter the close relative of this type of essay, the compare and contrast. This is because when you compare one thing to another you are so very likely to find ways in which they sharply differ. In any case, should you be required to find essays in this variety, rest assured that one can be purchased for your use as a sample quite easily from any of the many writing services available online.

If money is an issue and you are not able to use the fastest method as described above, consider any of the following alternatives all of which can be sourced for free:

The free section of the paid sites

If your intention is to submit the sample essay as your own, this method will not work for you at all. Besides, such actions are not good for you academically. The free section on writing sites that charge is used as advertising. As a result it will contain some of the better pieces the company is capable of producing. The quality is thus likely to be fairly high.

The entire class you’re a member of

The people in your class may have a few essays of their own in this style that you can use to model your own work after. Make sure you ask students who have been commended for their work in the past. If you model your work after weaker students, you will eventually become one.

The previous year’s class

This source may be even better because they would have had an additional year of practice to correct their style errors and might even be able to give you helpful tips that make your essay better. This is not always an easy feat. Some people may not want to fraternize with younger students or may even feel like you should learn the hard way as they did.

The World Wide Web

Searching through the many essays available online you will find very good and very bad examples of writing. Search carefully and discard the useless ones. This method produces the most results in the shortest time period but much of that saved time gets eroded with the need to check quality.

Free academic resources may take a bit more time and effort to acquire than paid ones but they can produce results that are just as good. Money does not make you a better student.

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