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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer charities are a profound way to offer assistance to research and aid that very often directly supports those who have been affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer actually takes place when malignant cells begin to cultivate inside of the tissue located in the breast. It can vary based on the type of cells found inside of the breast tissue, which creates a tumor. Age also relates directly to how the cancer will affect someone. But charities that fight for improved breast cancer research give people a fighting chance. Charities try and make sincere differences in the lives of people who have been affected and diagnosed with breast cancer.

In October, people celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a month during which most of the charities receive a great deal of donations and hype is rampant among research agencies and fundraisers. It is actually during this time that the most popular annual races and walks for the cure are held. This month is not the only thing synonymous with better cancer research and treatment, but so too is the famous pink ribbon. These ribbons are a sign of charities and individuals who are helping to fight against breast cancer.

The money received to improve research offers a chance to study certain cancers and medications, and to provide improved aid to those who suffer. The pink ribbon is used to gather donations from all avenues of life, and you can see the famous ribbon on food packages, drinks, clothes, shoes, and household products. When you purchase these products, part of the cost is donated to better research so that improved cures can be found. In addition to support of this nature, charities receive donates from individual donors, corporations, runs, and walks.

One of the most popular groups that is well known for its support of breast cancer research is the Susan G. Koman foundation. This is the highest rated group among breast cancer charities and hosts annual fundraising events as organized by the founder, who was diagnosed with the cancer and spent a great deal of time suffering in the hospital during that time. She created methods for raising public awareness and providing a positive impact on the lives of women who suffer from the disease as well. In her honor, her sister made the foundation a reality and now it has pledged itself to fighting until breast cancer is ended permanently.

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